Friday, November 9, 2012


We have all the passports, all the paperwork has been finalized and all the travel details have been set.  This morning, Johanne went to the orphanage to bring everything we purchased with donations from friends and coworkers.  The orphanage director and the nannies were very grateful.  You would not believe how much more you get for your money in Vietnam!  The cab was full.  I stayed behind with the girls at the hotel as we did not want to confuse them by bringing them back to the orphanage.  This afternoon was spent shopping for fun things and Vietnamese outfits for the family.

Tomorrow will be a big day as we are leaving Vietnam to bring the girls to their new country, Canada.  Some will say we are uprooting them, we prefer saying we are transplanting them in their new soil.  It is hard for us to leave, realizing that we are leaving good people behind.  We are going to depart a place that is quite significant for our family and it might take quite some time before we get a chance to return.  But we know we need to get these little girls home, and we also need to reunite with the rest of our rainbow family we miss so much. 

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers while we were here and please don’t be afraid to visit us in Kingston.  We will keep everyone up to date with the rest of this adventure.  We will be taking the girls to the hospital early next week, as soon as we have medicare taken care of.

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