Friday, November 16, 2012

Quick Update

Hello all and so sorry for not posting but it is kind of hectic around here.  My dear husband is working on a proper blog post but I am taking a few minutes to let you know that the girls were admitted in hospital 2 days after our arrival.  They are being investigated from head to toe.  My husband is with them 24 hours a day and I am taking care of the other 7 children and the house.  I go visit one or twice a day with some siblings.
There started to refuse eating on Monday and not doing so great.  Tuesday morning, we went to get their health card number and went to the hospital where we discovered they had lost weight.  The doctors were quick to admit them.
First diagnosis that came back is rickets.  Eyes were checked and Sage Phuoc will need surgery for a lazy eye eventually, other than that, vision is good.  They both have a narrowing of the artery going from the heart to the lungs, stent procedure maybe in the future.
Liver wise, the doctors are stumped.  There is good communication between the gall bladder and the liver and the liver looks somewhat like it is still functioning properly.  Alagille Syndrome is what the medical team is trying to refute or confirm right now.  Also a wack of other rare liver diseases.  Hepatitis results have not come back yet.
Michael is a rock, my rock.  He is doing what I could not be doing.  He has this ability to compartiment himself I don't have.  My place is here with the other kids and taking care of the finances.  We are so fortunate to have Michael's work environment showing so much support!  One padre came by the house on Tuesday and pretty much picked me up with a little spoon.  I don't believe in much, I have lost faith over the years.  But he had the right words to comfort my children and myself.
Children are off today and I will try to give them a sense of normalcy.  We will go see our little sisters this morning and then go do some shopping.
People in Kingston, we are at KGH floor 10 and Michael likes a good double-double.  Just say you are there to visit the Vietnamese twin girls.  Michael is trying to use the aid of the volunteers to go out for some walks but it is not always easy.  If you have it in you, I am sure he would appreciate.  There.  I asked for help.
I have a nervous wreck, panic attacks rising every once in a while, but a good cry helps.  I need to believe we did the right thing.  I know I can get very heavy with my emotions.  Thank God I have Michael.


  1. Does he have a number we should call ahead to see if it's a good time and if there's anything he needs brought to him?

  2. Praying for healing for these dear little girls; and strength and peace for their family. Press on!

  3. Tu vas t'en sortir.