Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Official!!!

Well, here we are, with a plane tickets in our hands!  Well I should have it tomorrow as it is being Fedexed as we speak, as long as my passport with the visa stamped in it... let's hope there's no glitch here.  I will be taking off at 1:30 am Tuesday.  I have to leave from Kingston by bus at noon Monday with the last shuttle for Toronto airport.  My friend and I will meet at the airport (she is flying from Montreal) and we will catch the flight to Taipei and then to Saigon.  We should be there at 9:45 am on June 22, disoriented for sure!  An employee of the adoption agency in Vietnam will be there at the airport to welcome us.

I have a big advantage over Michael 2 years ago: I have met those ladies before so I will be looking for one of them!  We will make our way to the hotel and find out what the next day holds for us.  The ceremony has not been scheduled yet, it should take place on either Thursday or Friday.  My guess is that we will make our way to Vung Tau on Thursday to go to the orphanage.  I am hoping I am allowed to take Toan to the local hotel that night, or better, that the ceremony will take place that day so we can apply for his passport on Friday, before the weekend.  It's all up in the air as it is right now.

My week has been busy with errands, worries about the booking of the flight, and a very painful run last night.  I took a tumble down the stairs, in the middle of the night last Friday.  I have had a pain in the back since then and a sore foot until Sunday.  I managed to run 6K on Sunday and then my foot felt great, even though it was still bruised.  So I thought I was ok to run last night... until I hit the 5K mark and could not run anymore.  This morning, I had a hard time getting up from bed.  So I went to see a chiropractor and found out I managed to break a rib!  And it's pinching a nerve and causing a lot of pain lower in the back.  She adjusted me and tried to dislodge the nerve (if I may say...) and I have to admit it is starting to feel a little better.

Well, the wolves are hungry, so I better go feed them.  I wonder if Toan senses his life is about to change?  Poor thing, a lot coming his way, a lot of changes all at once.  But at least my friend and I both get that, he does not have to perform for us, we will be there for him, no matter what.

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